Paraben Free Skincare Product – What is all the buzz about and its importance

Paraben Free Skincare Product – What is all the buzz about and its importance

The primary role of skin care products is actually to support skin integrity, relieve skin conditions, and enhance skin appearance. These products can provide nutrition to the skin or avoid excessive exposure to the sun or even appropriately use emollients. In most settings, skin care products become a daily routine procedure for both men and women. Besides, radiation theory wound healing, and some medication is a part of the skincare treatments.

It is not long ago that most people were clueless about the skincare and cosmetic products having potentially harmful and toxic ingredients. However, cosmetic products suppliers have now spread much awareness about the use of a clean beauty regime with paraben-free products for flawless and problem-free skin.

Cosmetics with Parabens

Parabens are chemicals that are being commonly used in most cosmetic products. Use of parabens as preservatives is prevalent to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. In simple words, parabens protect both the products as well as consumers. However, the safety of the use of parabens in cosmetics is a real question.

Methylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, and ethylparaben are forms of parabens that are most commonly used in cosmetics. Use of these components, in combination with some other types of preservatives, is done for better protection from microorganisms.

It is mandatory for skincare products supplied by cosmetic products supplier to have a list of ingredients. This list is essential for consumers to find out if the product contains the components they wish to avoid. Since its common name lists each listed part, it is easy to identify parabens their names. So, what is the uproar of the use of parabens?

Paraben-Free Products

It is true that not all skincare products are suitable for the skin. However, there are certainly some that are better than others. It is not surprising that parabens allow increasing the shelf life of skincare products for months, and even for years. But when consumers use these products, parabens can enter the human body through the skin.

A study conducted by the British in 2004 on 20 women revealed that 19 out of 20 women had traces of five types of parabens in the breast tissues. Although the study failed to prove that parabens can cause cancer, yet identification of parabens in body tissue was an essential finding. Their presence simply means that parabens can penetrate the human skin and remain within the tissue.

Parabens are believed to disrupt hormone function through mimicking the estrogen. Since too much of estrogen can trigger an increase in breast cell division, it can also lead to the growth of tumors. It is because of this reason that parabens are often linked to breast cancers and reproductive issues.

Besides, parabens are bad for the environment too as they may cause damage when released through the sewage system or released directly in the background.

Advantages of Paraben Free Products

Releasing the effects of paraben on human body and environment, manufacturers are now creating new and useful products. Therefore, most skincare products supplier believes that now, consumers have a more excellent choice available to choose from. Here are the advantages that act as a reason as to why using paraben-free skincare products and cosmetics can completely change the skincare game.

  • Youthful Skin: A commonly found paraben in most anti-aging cosmetics, methylparaben, leads to premature aging. Switching to paraben-free products can make skin appear youthful and firmer.
  • Anti-allergens: Use of parabens can cause dermatitis and eczema on human skin. Thus, causing the skin to appear red, inflamed, and irritated. Use of light moisturizers with parabens can soothe most sensitive skins.
  • Avoid risks related to breast cancer: As mentioned above, parabens weaken the estrogen-like properties that can cause breast cancer and other reproductive issues. Cosmetic products supplier like iKon remedies, provide a wide range of products that have super nourishing, paraben-free formula to clean the skin without stripping the natural oils off.
  • Health endocrine systems: Since parabens tend to interrupt the endocrine system of the human body, parabens are responsible for numerous body malfunctions like; mood swings, sleep disorders, and weak growth. It is advised to use paraben-free skincare products to keep the endocrine system healthy all the time.
  • Avoid prenatal problems in children: Pregnant ladies must stop using paraben skincare products. Research reveals that prenatal exposure to parabens can cause numerous learning and developmental issues.

Make an Effort

It is crucial to know that checking for the term ‘paraben-free’ is not always the final answer to see the safety of the skincare products. It appears that many beauty companies are responding to the public outcry about parabens. However, some of the companies are merely ‘greenwashing’ by using other synthetic ingredients instead of paraben. These artificial ingredients may cause equal or more significant harm or irritation to the human skin.

It is advised that consumers should never take marketing and adverts at face value and instead educate themselves on the label content of the skincare range.