Maxisoft Petroleum Jelly (50 gm)

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Petroleum Jelly is the original skin protectant. It has been used to protect and heal dry skin since 1800s, and to this day, it effectively cares for our skin. The most vital step in any good skin care routine is moisturization, it helps to re-hydrate the skin and leaves it feeling softer and smoother. The end goal of hydrating your skin is to retain your skin’s elasticity and reduce the signs of aging for a longer period of time. Moisturizing ensures skin hydration and protects against the environmental influences like dirt, dust & harmful sun rays.   

Maxisoft Petroleum Jelly soothes and protects skin by creating a long lasting protective moisture barrier. This gentle, hypoallergenic protectant helps provide relief for dry skin and helps to protect minor burns and chapping. Completely paraben and phthalate free, this pure formula is safe to use on face, lips and sensitive skin.

It helps to treat and prevent diaper rash in babies, moisturizes and heals dry skin and helps to remove cosmetic makeup for protected & healthy skin. Say goodbye to dry & irritated skin with Maxisoft Petroleum Jelly.

Maxisoft Petroleum Jelly forms a protective barrier to seal in moisture deep within the skin layers and enhances skin’s natural barrier recovery. With its moisturizing properties, Maxisoft Petroleum Jelly is great for tackling dull, dry skin and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E 
  • Cocoa Butter

Absorbs quickly into the skin making it soft & supple.

Hydrates, moisturizes & nourishes the skin all day long.

Maintains skin’s natural pH balance.

Reduces uneven pigmentation, fine lines & age spots.

Paraben Free

Phthalate Free


Suitable for All Skin Types

Apply Maxisoft Petroleum Jelly on perfectly cleansed skin.

Massage gently till it gets absorbed completely and leave on.

Apply as needed.

Maxisoft Petroleum Jelly (50 gm)

Rs. 92.00 Rs. 108.00