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Bester , based on the great heritage of Ayurveda - the ancient Indian science of medicine & health, is an authentic & effective Ayurvedic hair care solution. Bester is Ayurveda’s blessing in the purest form. Simply, we can call Bester as Ayurved ka Vardaan. 

Bester hair-care range of products are a unique blend of exotic herbs, essential oils and other vital Ayurvedic ingredients, that provide a wholesome and comprehensive hair-care experience without any side-effects.

Bester is a complete solution to all hair & scalp related problems such as hair-fall, damaged hair, hair locks, thinning, dandruff, itchiness, premature greying, and split ends, dry & frizzy hair. Most important part is the Bester provides one stop solution to all hair problems.

Bester Hair Oil is very effective in controlling hair fall. Bester Hair Oil has multiple benefits such as strengthening hair roots, nourishes hair shafts, revive and regenerates new hair growth, softening & conditioning of the hair, protecting hair from harsh effect of the sun, enhancing blood circulation, stimulates hair growth & thickness.

Whereas, Bester Herbal Shampoo is an advanced herbal formulation for hair and scalp therapy. Bester Herbal Shampoo is a complete hair care solution, formulated with highly effective botanical actives and essential oils that help nourish your hair from root to tip, giving them a healthy natural glow.

Bester Herbal Shampoo provides an intensive hair care that helps control hair-fall and provides stimulation to hair follicles. It also helps in reducing dryness, dandruff, split ends, roughness. Bester Herbal Shampoo moisturizes and provides conditioning with a pleasant & soothing fragrance, leaving your hair soft, shiny, bouncy & delicately fragranced like never before. Bester Herbal Shampoo is the most premium and safe herbal shampoo and is ideal for daily use.

And Bester Sheesham Wood Comb is purely hand crafted from a single strong piece of sheesham wood by the skilled artisans. It is especially good for skin and hair and a perfect tool to complete your daily hair -care regimen. The wooden teeth have rounded tips that have a gentle massaging effect on your scalp.

They are gentle on your hair and evenly distribute the oil produced by the scalp which provides essential nutrients for your hair growth.

This comb helps sustains hair health, reduces hair fall and removes dandruff. It doesn't produce any static electricity and add luster to your hair. It is the healthiest way to comb your hair and feel natural like running your fingers through your hair.

Makes Hair Healthy - Make way for healthy hair. The natural goodness of formulated wit& highly effective botanical actives and essential oils boosts hair health by increasing blood supply to hair follicles

It’s time to flaunt hair that’s thicker, fuller and carries more strength

Reduces hair fall effectively Nourishing hair roots and scalp

Repairing damaged hair & split ends Helps to reduce dandruff Reducing dryness & itchiness of scalp

Hair strengthening & growth reducing premature greying Improving lustre & texture of hair

Enhancing the natural color of your hair, Detangling hair

Suitable for all hair type - Bester hair care range is suitable for all hair types. Contains no parabens, sulphates, Artificial Color or silicones and helps to deliver maximum benefit after consistent use

100% Ayurvedic

Made with natural ingredients

Suitable for both men & women

Safe for long term use

Oil your hair twice a week before going to bed with Bester Hair Oil (which is made with the goodness of 22 highly effective herbs, 19 essential oils & 2 other vital ingredients)

Next step would be, comb your hairs with Bester Sheeshaam Wood Comb and make sure when you comb, the teeth touches the scalp

Rinse your hair with Bester Herbal Shampoo next morning; it will not only leave your hair soft, silky, shiny, bouncy & delicately fragranced but also reduce hair fall

Once the hair is dry, comb them again with Bester Sheeshaam Wood Comb and detangle

Bester [Gift Pack of 3]

Rs. 849.00 Rs. 999.00