Dentomist Mouth Wash (150 ml)

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Our mouth is exposed to different kinds of toxins every day. Main causes of tooth decay and gum diseases are poor oral hygiene, plaque formation, plaque bacteria & acids, chronic dry mouth, poor diet, smoking & tobacco use. With aging, adults tend to have oral problems such as weak tooth enamel, chipping, cavities, sensitivity & sore gums.

Dentomist Mouth Wash is a boon for oral health care. Dentomist Mouth Wash, a Infused with Chlorhexidine gluconate, that cleans the toxins out effectively & infuses mouth with freshness, a germ free  and clean feeling, stronger & healthier teeth & gums. This unique formulation will have synergistic effect on your teeth & gums thus resuscitating dental health.                          

Dentomist Mouth Wash has a mild sweet flavor with a hint of pleasentlly flovored aqueous base which gives the benefits of the herbs without the downside of any bitterness. It can help strengthen teeth and gums, prevent tartar formation, reduce deposition of plaque and enhance overall oral health. It is a potent supplement which is very effective in the maintenance of oral hygiene.

Dentomist Mouth Wash not only helps you get strong teeth and healthy gums but also helps you get an attractive smile naturally.

Dentomist Mouth Wash is perfectly safe for both adults & children. Use Dentomist Mouth Wash twice a day regularly for healthier teeth and a happier smile.

  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate

Effective formulation for reducing dental hypersensitivity

Protects teeth, reduces inflammation & prevents plaque formation

Strengthens gums

Promotes fresh breath

Possesses natural antiseptic properties

Eliminates bacteria causing bad breath

Reduces cavities, tooth ache and gum bleeding

Promotes whitening of teeth

Made with natural ingredients

Suitable for both men & women

Safe for long term use

Take 1:1 diluted Dentomist Mouthwash with plain water, swirl it in our mouth for 30 seconds and spit out

This mouthwash can be used for men, women and children above 12 years of age

Use at least twice a day, for a fresh breath

Feel free to use it, after brushing or after meals

Dentomist Mouth Wash (150 ml)

Rs. 89.00 Rs. 105.00