Evozyme Plus Capsules (10 Caps)

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Evozyme Plus Capsules is a dynamic combination of natural herbs formulated to strengthen digestion without aggravating pitta. Excess pitta causes increased heat, sharpness, and oiliness in the digestive tract. These symptoms aggravate and inflame the digestive fire, creating conditions which can lead to discomfort.        

Evozyme Plus Capsules contains herbs that support healthy digestion while cooling and soothing the tissues in the Gastro Intestinal (GI) tract. It acts as an appetizer by sensitizing oral taste receptors, facilitating gut motility. Evozyme Plus Capsules is known to have antioxidants, disease preventing and health promoting properties. The supplement provides nutrition to the entire digestive tract that supports the elimination process. Evozyme Plus Capsules can be used as all-time digestive preparation for family as it is completely safe and effective.

  • Chitrakmool Extract
  • Musta Extract
  • Bhringraj Extract
  • Trikatu Extract
  • Dalchini Extract
  • Vacha Extract
  • Mulethi Extract
  • Senna Extract

Tones digestive system by promoting the secretion of various digestive enzymes

Helps to prevent gas formation by normalizing the growth of intestinal micro-flora

Improves appetite by facilitating saliva formation & toning gut motility

Reduces spasm & pain in the bowel

Relieves flatulence, gripes & colics

100% Vegeterian ayurvedic capsules

Made with natural ingredients

Suitable for both men & women

Safe for long term use

Children : 5 ml 2-3 times daily before meals

Adults : 10 ml twice daily before meals or as directed by the physician

Evozyme Plus Capsules (10 Caps)

Rs. 81.00 Rs. 95.00