Nutridac Kids Granules 200 gm

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As people are getting increasingly conscious about their health and well-being, they are trying to avoid chemicals and are opting for natural and herbal alternatives instead. Herbal techniques are cheaper and have no side effects. 

Nutridac Kids Granules, when taken in addition to diet, helps to improve digestion, immunity, cardiovascular health etc. It is preventive in nature and helps circumvent disease rather than focusing on the curative aspect of the situation. It can be used for therapeutic purposes and improve holistic wellness thereby improving overall lifestyle.

Nutridac Kids Granules works on helping your child get the right height & weight while making their immune system stronger. The potent herbs present in Nutridac Kids Granules aid brain development naturally. It helps in developing lean muscles in your child thereby increasing their muscle strength. It improves concentration, vision, metabolic rate thus helping overall & systemic development of your child.

It is a complete and balanced nutritional supplement for children who are fussy eaters’ thus taking care of their nutritional deficiencies. It contains Ashwagandha which is important for growth and development and plays an important role in building muscles. Manukka is excellent for healthy digestive system & also helps to improve memory. The synergistic impact of all the vital herbs in Nutridac Kids Granules help in Improving bone health & strengthening immune system.

  • Ashwagandha Extract
  • Amalki Extract
  • Shatavari Extract
  • Khajoor Extract
  • Kalmegh Extract
  • Manukka Extract
  • Sonth Extract
  • Brahmi Extract

Fortified with powerful herbs that aids as an immunity and memory booster

Ideal way to overcome nutritional deficiencies

Helps support overall growth and development of children

Supports height and weight gain, immunity and brain development

Helps in the absorption of calcium

Useful in overall development

Promotes healthy growth

Immunity booster

Memory enhancer

2–5 years : One heaped teaspoon twice daily preferably with glass of lukewarm milk

5-12 years : Two heaped teaspoons twice daily preferably with glass of lukewarm milk or as directed by the physician

Nutridac Kids Granules 200 gm

Rs. 251.00 Rs. 295.00