Oviva-A Capsules (10 Caps)

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Ayurveda is trusted and proven system of medicine since more than 5000 years. We have identified 15 anti-cancer herbs over a period of time and prepared Oviva-A Capsules. It fights cancer by inhibiting growth and spread of cancer without side effects. This can be taken alone or along with conventional treatment such as surgery or chemotherapy.

Oviva-A Capsules are beneficial in most types of cancer and is even useful in those cancer patients who have become resistant or refractory to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy, and for those who are not fit for surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy due to old age, marked weakness or any other factor such as kidney failure, liver dysfunction and cardiac insufficiency. It is highly recommended in those patients in whom cancer is detected in advanced stage and conventional treatment including surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is not possible.

One thing is common in all types of cancer and that is mutations in the growth regulating genes including oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes. Such mutations are a result of damage to the DNA by exposure to cancer causing agents, known as carcinogens. Oviva-A Capsules promote DNA-repair mechanism and tames aggressive cancer cells by inhibiting mutations in the genes, which are responsible for genesis and growth of cancer. It re-induces the lost process of programmed cell death in cancer cells and inhibits tumour-angiogenesis (ability of cancer to create its own blood vessels for nutrition).

Oviva-A Capsules also helps to fight cancer by blocking certain cancer promoting enzymes and hormones. It prevents seeding, micro metastases and metastases by reducing the adhesive capacity of cancer cells to the endothelial lining of lymphatic and blood vessels. It also enhances the immunity of the body that helps to fight all types of cancer.

  • Kanchnar 
  • Pipal Chhal
  • Haridra
  • Lavang

Reduces the size of tumor and prevents its spread

Inhibits cancer promoting enzymes and hormones

Helps to reduce painful symptoms of cancer

Used for ill health due to radiation & chemotherapy

Useful in supporting therapy for Cancer

Suitable for both men & women

Safe for long term use

1-2 Capsules thrice daily before meals, preferably with warm water or as directed by physician

Oviva-A Capsules (10 Caps)

Rs. 115.00 Rs. 135.00