Pearldew Face Wash [Gift Pack of 3]

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Pearldew Deep Cleansing Face Wash effectively washes away dirt & impurities thus controlling pimples, acne and skin eruptions without any side effects & over-drying of skin. It also helps fight blackheads and white heads.                      

Our ingredient combination works synergistically to reduce redness around the site of irritation, inhibits the formation of biofilm by the problem causing bacteria, decreases sebum secretion, while also acting as an antioxidant to rejuvenate the skin.        

Pearldew Golden Glow Face Wash is a uniquely refreshing formulation which deeply cleans your faces and leaves it fresh and exhilarated. It is a uniquely designed oil-free, soap-free, hypoallergenic formula that takes extra gentle care of your face.

Unlike other facial cleansers which leave your skin dry, Pearldew Golden Glow Face Wash not only nourishes your skin but also helps it retain its natural moisture.  Use Pearldew Golden Glow Face Wash daily for a radiating and golden glow.

Pearldew Brightening Face Wash is highly intensive brightening face wash. Enriched with powerful botanical complex and brightening agents, it actively improves skin’s luminosity and evens its tone. This active treatment combats sun spots, age spots and pigmentation while instantly leaving skin smoother.

It’s a luscious & rich product designed to gently polish skin to help minimize dullness and restore a youthful glow. Enriched with Active Whitening Complex that inhibits tyrosine activity thus strengthening the skin barrier function.

Effectively controls pimple & acne.

Helps to prevent skin eruptions.

Fights acne causing bacteria & promotes skin healing.

Reduces acne scars without damaging or drying the skin.

Exfoiliating facial cleanser that prevents clogging of pores.

Reduces spots, marks & blemishes + premature aging & skin damage.

Minimizes uneven skin tone & pigmentation. pH balanced formula that neutralies chemicals.

Instantly whitens the face.

Deeply cleanses & refreshes the skin.

Reduces dark spots & skin pigmentation.

Does not disrupt the skin’s moisture balance.

Oil Free

Soap Free

Paraben Free

pH Balanced

For All skin Types

Unisex Product

Take small amount on your palm.

Work up lather and gently massage in circular motion on your wet face.

Concentrate on forehead, nose, and chin.

Rinse off with water and pat dry.

Use twice a day, for supple, soft and non-oily skin.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Pearldew Face Wash [Gift Pack of 3]

Rs. 507.00 Rs. 597.00