Pileclear Capsules (30 Caps)

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If you’re experiencing pain or itching in and around the anus, bright red blood after you pass stool, mucus on your underwear, or sensitive lumps around your anus, you may be suffering from a common condition known as piles.         

Hemorrhoids are actually a completely normal part of the human anatomy and typically act as buffers around the bottom to help control our bowel movements and make them pass more easily. They are filled with lots of blood vessels and it’s when they become swollen, often from too much pressure or straining, that hemorrhoids can become bothersome and make themselves known. Among the most common causes of piles are constipation, lack of fiber in diet, obesity, etc.

Pileclear Capsules exhibit potent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces pile mass, controls bleeding, and possesses healing properties. Thus, Pileclear Capsules help to reduce burning sensation, itching and pain due to piles (hemorrhoids).

It penetrates into the cell membranes to provide instant relief from hemorrhoids without using any forms of chemicals and harmful agents. It provides both external and internal relief without the need of any invasive surgeries. The ingredients which are used in Pileclear Capsules work in synergistic manner to get rid of piles permanently.


  • Surankand Extract
  • Nagkeshar Extract
  • Nimboli Extract
  • Daruharidra Extract
  • Chitrakmool Extract
  • Sonth Extract
  • Lajadu Extract 
  • Hirabol Extract


Offers relief from rectal bleeding, pain, itching

Tones up muscles and normalizes blood circulation

Corrects chronic constipation associated with hemorrhoids & fissures

Reduces burning sensation & discomfort

Helps to reduce the size of hemorrhoid mass

Offers relief from internal bleeding piles & varicose veins

Helpful to treat anal fissures & pregnancy induced hemorrhoids

Reduces itching around the anal region and swelling over the anal region

Useful in bleeding or non-bleeding piles

External hemorrhoids

Anal fissures


1-2 Capsules twice daily before meals for at least 3-6 months, preferably with warm water or as directed by physician

Maintenance Dose - 1 Capsule at Bedtime to avoid relapse

Pileclear Capsules (30 Caps)

Rs. 251.00 Rs. 295.00