Which Shampoo is best for Dandruff: Ayurvedic vs Chemical?

Which Shampoo is best for Dandruff: Ayurvedic vs Chemical?

Our skin and hair take a beating with the changes in the weather every single time, during the season transition. The change in the temperature and humidity is enough to make the scalp and hair act out, and the major problem faced by us during this period is always the issue of stubborn dandruff. 

For some, it is an itchy scalp and dry, dull hair, accompanied by dandruff. And when dandruff appears, it isn’t just the scalp that faces other added issues, you are also prone to face some acne caused by dandruff, along with increased hair fall. And none of us want to face these issues. 

For me too, the problem is the same!

Every spring and autumn, stubborn dandruff appears on my scalp, leaving me running around finding solutions that are gentle enough, but also effective. Scalp type contributes to further aggravating the dandruff issues. For me, around autumn the scalp turns dry and in spring it gets oily, so dandruff needs to be treated keeping in mind the state of the scalp at the time. 

Let’s dive in on how to use the Groviva Anti-dandruff shampoo. It can be used by itself as the shampoo, or the shampoo can be used after oiling your scalp and hair with the Groviva ayurvedic oil. 

A few tips to help you with oiling your hair pre-shampoo for treating dandruff, first and then we’ll dive into more about the shampoo itself – 

Make sure you oil your hair and scalp very, very gently so that you don’t irritate your scalp further. 

Keep the oil for a few hours, do not apply the oil overnight, since you are trying to treat dandruff, there is a chance that the friction due to sleeping can cause further problems. 

If you do oil overnight, make sure to change your pillowcase after shampooing, before sleeping. 

Use only a few drops of oil on your scalp. Don’t over oil your scalp.

Shampoo only once, don’t double wash, oil accordingly so that you can wash your oil off in one wash.

Now that you know the pre-shampoo dos and don’ts, let’s get on with why I like the Groviva anti-dandruff shampoo and recommend it. 

Very mild ayurvedic fragrance while using the shampoo and almost no fragrance left behind after the wash. I really appreciate this. 

Wash off the oil on the scalp with one wash.

Soothes the scalp after each use. 

Packed with proven and potent ayurvedic herbs and actives. 

Gentle and effective on the scalp and visible dandruff 

Has a very ergonomic packaging, so easy to use in the shower. 

Budget friendly!